Jelly Beanz and the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) are proud to co-host an innovative regional African conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  Delegates from developing and developed countries are invited to join us to reconnect with our African roots regarding child protection and finding the African routes towards ending cruelty to all our children. The collaborative transdisciplinary conference will be tapping into African experience and expertise to

  • showcase research and innovations in preventing and managing child abuse and neglect
  • create opportunities for all stake holders and role players in the field of child protection (including social workers, psychologists, medical doctors, policemen, presiding officers of the Criminal, Child Justice and Children’s Courts) and mental health to share experiences and build inter-sectoral collaboration
  • offer skills-building workshops in tried and tested interventions relevant to the African context

create a platform for children and communities, social change activists and advocacy groups to share their personal challenges