Jelly Beanz past projects

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The aim of the project was to first and foremost provide children with child friendly and effective tools to accurately tell their story of abuse, with the added benefit that we were able to support 6 women from previously disadvantaged communities who were the sole providers for their families. This project also provided a small income for Jelly Beanz. These dolls are used for forensic (court) and teaching purposes by government departments like the Department of Justice, the Department of Education as well as other professionals in the Child Protection sector. The Jelly Beanz anatomically correct dolls are considered the industry standard for such dolls in our country. The dolls have been endorsed by the major child protection organisations and departments.

A set consists of 6 family members – boy, girl, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather.

Jelly Beanz built an interviewing facility for the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit of the SAPS based in Milnerton. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art camera and recording equipment and all the toys to facilitate the forensic process for the criminal investigations. The waiting room, office space and garden also received a major ‘make-over’.