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Jelly Beanz past projects

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Once a month the ladies from Jelly Beanz went to a childrens home in Mamelodi and presented a workshop to the high school children. Conversations revolved around sex, drug abuse, looking after yourselves in relationships and jobs to do after school. The sessions focused on coming up with solutions to the struggles these children faced on a daily basis.

Our volunteers facilitated reading groups with children from a disadvantaged school in Pretoria. Here they are able to give individual attention to learners who would otherwise be overlooked in big classroom settings. They are also able to identify learners that are in need of individual interventions.

Jelly Beanz facilitated a workshop for 120 foster mothers in helping them better understand the impact of trauma on children and how to begin the healing process for children in their care. Each foster mom was also given a copy of our Voices of Hope book to take home.

Therapy for Children that act out in sexual ways with other kids

Jelly Beanz Inc. has been asked to develop a programme for children under the age of 14 years old that have sexually acted out against other children. It seems that this is a big problem amongst children, and that it is important that someone must work with these kids to help them and make sure that they do this with any other kids. So for Jelly Beanz, helping these children also actually means that are doing prevention work for the future.

The program that they are doing has lots of different parts to it with some talking but also lots of action, which is probably something that kids will enjoy. They have drumming circles, use arts to help them express themselves, use music in a similar way and soon Danni, the therapy dog will also be working with them.

Protective behaviours programme

This programme is to help children (grade R and 1) to learn about their bodies and how to look after them, about right and wrong touches; how to get help if kids need and from who; and also all about where babies come from.

This programme is to try and help young children to be less vulnerable to abuse from adults or older children. This year they worked with 220 children over a four-session programme. Next year they would like to involve the parents in this programme more as well. In another programme at the beginning of the year they did a emotional intelligence programme with another 29 children.

Workshop with 60 preschool teachers on sexuality education and child abuse prevention

Workshop with 297 children and 19 community members in Dunoon on child abuse prevention

Workshops with foster mothers on helping traumatised children in their care

Workshop with 30 community members in Mitchells Plain on helping children that have experienced trauma

Debriefing workshop for 30 Child Protection Unit officers, SAPS together with Matla Abana

Workshops (4 days) with 60 social workers on how to work therapeutically with children that have experienced trauma

Jelly Beanz Inc. also provided 60 scholarships for NPO’s to attend training

This year we hosted a march through the Dunoon community, delivered are awesome cupcakes to the Child Protection Unit of SAPS and the social workers from the Department of Social Development who are the responsible departments for child protection in our area. We (including Danni) handed out flyers and green ribbons to the community in peak hour traffic outside our offices, and were interviewed by the following media: Smile FM; Expresso Show SABC; Table talk community newspaper and for two articles in the Sunday Times.

Goal of the project: to provide evidence based individual and group therapy to children and their caregivers in order to help them effectively deal with the consequences of the abuse or trauma.

Activities: Individual sessions are usually held once weekly with the child, for approximately 12 sessions (although this may vary due to the needs of the child and family). Therapeutic groups bring together children who are dealing with similar issues such as loss, abuse or bullying. The session are currently held at our offices in Table View, in Dunoon Township and Riverlands which are based in the Cape Town and West Coast areas.

Our wish: to train and supervise lay counsellors to provide therapy for children and their families in order to broaden our reach in various communities.

This pilot programme was implemented in partnership with Young in Prison, Soweto. The programme focuses on strengthening relationships between the youth and their caregivers, with the aim of lowering the chances of recidivism.

The programme includes experiences and skills in improving warmth and sensitivity within relationships of the youth and their caregivers, whilst encouraging reflective functioning and emotional attunement.

Should this programme prove effective, the further aim is that Young in Prison and other such centres will be able to implement it as an effective rehabilitation and reintegration model.

Goal of the project: to provide children in grades R and 1 with basic information regarding sexuality and child abuse in order to lessen their vulnerability to inappropriate behaviours or relationships.

Activities: the programme consists of 12 sessions that are implemented once weekly with small groups of children. This ensures that there is sufficient time for the children to get to know and feel comfortable with the facilitator as well as giving information and skills regarding complex issues.

Our wish: to develop an activity book for this age group of children and their caregivers to facilitate such a conversation

The Child Trauma Conference has been one of the leading conferences in South Africa to address childhood trauma and abuse. It brings together clinicians, researchers, policy makers, media, and members of the community to promote child protection. The conference is hosted as the pre-conference to the 8th National AIDS Conference.
The focus areas of the Child Trauma Conference 2017 will include: The many faces of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect in Southern Africa, children affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, and the sexual abuse of children in Southern Africa.
We are so proud to be able to offer this conference every year but we need your help.