Helping Parents, Caregivers and Teachers talk with young children about sexuality

We are excited to offer the Our Bodies to you at no charge!

One in three South African children will be sexually abused in some way by age 17.Jelly Beanz believes that parents and caregivers can help prevent the abuse of their children by having open and honest conversations about bodies, sex and body rules. These conversations should start as children enter formal schooling. The Our Bodies book has been developed to guide parents through this difficult, but very important process.

We have made the resource easily downloadable in different languages below.


Is my child not too young to learn about sex?

  • It is a parent’s privilege to be the first person to speak to a child about bodies and sexuality. You will impart the facts of life, but also the values and morals that you want your child to have. If children do not learn about sex from a parent by the time they enter formal schooling, it is only a question of time before another child, a sibling or the internet will inform them.

Will my child not become overly interested in sex if I talk about it?

  • No. Young children are generally more interested in how babies develop than in how they are conceived.

Schools do sex education, can I leave it to the school to have the talk with my child?

  • Schools do sex education and it is important for educators to speak to young people about sexuality. If your child has questions or problems it would be better for your child to speak to you rather than at school.