Our “not-people” helpers

So our larger than life ‘therapet’ Danni aka Danni bear is just as loveable, mellow, entertaining and slobbery chops as ever.

“A therapy dog must be friendly, even-tempered, consistent, gentle, confident, comfortable meeting new people, and reliable in unusual environments. Above all, they must love people and truly enjoy being around them while being hugged, kissed and petted.”

Danni certainly possesses all of these qualities and so much more. She has the startling ability to snuffle out any food morsels to the amusement and consternation of all. She just adores receiving doggy treats (those are the legal ones that we give her) but apple cores, empty yogurt containers, muffins, sandwiches or whatever may be on the desk or in the dustbin are demolished with lightning speed. Despite her size she is as quiet as a mouse when she is up to her tricks. Muffins and jelly beans are definitely her favourite. When we pack the jelly beans for the children, Danni is always around just in case one may miss the packet and end up on the floor.

She is recovering well after the cruciate ligament repair surgery that she had to her hind leg last year. She still limps from time to time but is definitely on the mend, and has not let this hinder her persistent determination to get to the mole hills when out on her walks.

Here are some pics, of her doing what she does best … being goofy!



Maybe … just maybe a jelly bean will fall

Caught raiding the bin …

We have added to our menagerie in Cape Town, and now have 4 gold fish.

They are a great source of entertainment too. It is so calming observing them move hypnotically around their watery domain. Research shows people who spend their time watching aquariums and fish tanks enjoy the benefits of enhanced physical and mental wellbeing. Maybe it’s the serene movement of the fish that has power to reduce stress and bring about tranquillity.

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