It’s just the beginning? Is it not October?

I find myself relating to children often, mainly due to the fast way they speak and move. I seem to have inherited the rhythm of Gauteng and here in Cape Town I struggle to adjust to the rhythm of the waves which everyone else seems to move to. So, it comes as no surprise when after a day at work I am exhausted as is everyone else in the office but it was not until I attended a training by Rene Olhoff, when she spoke about self-care that I actually realized it is ONLY MARCH. How on earth is that possible – surely at the speed I have been moving it should be October. I brought my mind into focus and I realized we all do this. We all move and push forward without taking the time to stop and enjoy what we are doing OR taking time for ourselves to catch up. Most airlines advise you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else – but the fact of the matter is you cannot help someone function when you are running on empty.

I am so quick to advise my clients to breathe and blow bubbles, chew bubblegum or squeeze some playdough but how can I overlook looking after myself. We all need to remember that we are living in a fast-paced world and it is one hundred percent okay to take some time and enjoy a cup of tea, listen to some music or go for a walk.

How can we be expected to look after someone else when we cannot even look after ourselves and what person is going to pass up the chance to look after themselves and blow some bubbles.

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