It is the festive season and we are all so busy focusing on getting to and from our loved ones that we sometimes forget basic safety rules. So we at Jelly Beanz would like you to stay safe and therefore we have come up with some holiday travelling tips

Even Santa Claus needs to check his tires before he flies and so must you. Even if you are in a rush remember that you need to first make sure your car is safe before you take your loved ones in it.

Even the reindeer get bored on the long journeys and so make sure you have activities in the car ready for your children and don’t forget that they also need to stretch their legs just as much as you do.

While Santa is used to having children around understand there will always be people that are upset they are seated next to a child on a flight. Introduce your children to them and make sure there are activities to keep them entertained. Ensure your child knows where you are seated too so they can find you. If your child is a nervous flier, then ensuring they know what to expect will ease their anxiety- explain the process and who will be on the plane (the pilots, airhostesses and other passengers).

Always explain to your child who to go to if they get lost or feel scared. The security guards at shopping malls, the police or to scream if they are in trouble. We are so focused on what we are doing and there are so many people around that we need to ensure our children are always safe and aware.

If you go to the beach remember to pack sunblock and apply it regularly- no one wants to look like Rudolph.

We want you all to have a lovely festive season where you feel nothing but safe and relaxed.