Getting your Child Ready for School

You’re nervous, you’ve got the jitters and you’re scared and you’re not even the one going to Grade One. It is time for your little one to put on their uniform and go to Grade One. So we, at Jelly Beanz, would love to help you come up with some ways to make it easier for your child and for you.

Your child may be nervous and so it is important that you talk about school in a fun and positive way. School is something they should be excited to attend and they are going to make so many friends and learn so much! So try getting them something that excites them; a new lunchbox, a cool backpack, some colourful pens or an awesome space case. That way the focus can be using the new item rather than the “scary school.”

Start a calendar or a countdown for school- some children may find this daunting but others may enjoy having a tangible way to see how many days they have. Decide on a routine, you want the child to follow: will your child help make lunch in the morning? Do you want them to wake up with an alarm clock?  Where will they sit and do their homework everyday? Include them in the planning and that way your child can follow this routine during school time.

Remember that there will be good days and bad days. They will make friends and lose friends. They will get good marks and bad marks. It is all part of growing up and learning. You’ve helped them so far and you can help them through this too. Both of you are learning and that is half the fun.

A child without education, is like a bird without wings – Tibetan Proverb


Author: Simone Oberholzer

15 January 2018