Jelly Beanz FAQ’s


We have compiled a few frequently asked questions. Should you have a question that is not answered here, you’re more than welcome to email us and ask away.

 Who is Jelly Beanz?

Jelly Beanz is a non-profit organization on a mission to change children’s lives. We specialize in working with children who have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect. Our focus is to assist these children through direct therapeutic services and indirectly through the training and mentoring of professionals in the fields of child protection and mental health. We also develop tools aimed at aiding children in their healing process. Despite being a small organization, Jelly Beanz harbors big ideas and dreams. Our team of passionate staff is dedicated to the well-being of South Africa’s children.

Where is Jelly Beanz based?

Our HQ is in Table View, Cape Town. We also provide services in 5 schools in Dunoon, 1 school in Table View and in Moorreesburg.

What makes Jelly Beanz different from all the other charities?

The founders of Jelly Beanz have over 60 years’ collective experience working with children. Together with all our team members, we possess a vast knowledge and skill set, with each person contributing their unique skills to the table. We are recognized as experts and leaders in the field. Additionally, we are fortunate to receive support from other major stakeholders in the child trauma field and dedicated, passionate sponsors. Together, we strive to source and create holistic, relevant, and appropriate solutions within the African context for our children in need.

What is an NGO?

NGO stands for non-government organization and should be registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organization. Jelly Beanz is an NGO and NPO. We are privileged to receive funding from the Department of Social Development to support the work we do.

Can I meet up with Jelly Beanz?

We would be happy to meet with you… on the telephone, email, and in person.

What is Jelly Beanz’s main purpose?

To make a lasting difference in the life of children in South Africa that have been hurt through trauma, abuse and neglect.

 Why should I donate to Jelly Beanz?

Jelly Beanz is dependant on the goodwill of individuals, groups and corporates to support the work we do. When you donate to us it allows us to spend more time doing what we are good at, helping children. The more support we receive, the more children we can support.

Does Jelly Beanz only accept monetary donations?

Jelly Beanz needs you support, doesn’t matter the shape, size or colour! You may have a talent that you can donate or share with us. Or you may have things (toys, clothes, food, )

 Who are the people that Jelly Beanz supports?

We recognise that families, individuals and communities do not have equal access to mental health services through various circumstances. Jelly Beanz tries to target areas where children experience high levels of difficulty, violence and trauma.

When was Jelly Beanz established?

We started the organisation in 2009. However, Marita Rademeyer and Edith Kriel have worked in the child trauma and mental health field for numerous years.

  Is Jelly Beanz a registered non-profit organisation?

Yes. We are registered with the Department of Social Development and are on the register of non-profit organisations. Our registration number is 083-186

 If I make a donation can I claim it back from tax?

Yes. We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and are able to issue a certificate that can be used for claiming the donated amount back at the end of the tax year. (Section 18a, Income Tax Act) PBO 93006618

How does Jelly Beanz help society?

Trauma, abuse and neglect has a profound impact on children. This may be seen in behaviours such as aggression, behavioural problems, depression, anxiety, self-harming, risk taking behaviours, promiscuity, learning difficulties to name but a few. We know that trauma has short and long term consequences, and this creates distress in relationships, health and mental health, parenting and the ability to lead a successful and responsible life. Trauma, abuse and neglect can have impact throughout generations. This cycle needs to be interrupted. Jelly Beanz provides such opportunities for our children and their families to heal and move forward in more constructive and helpful ways. Thus, our current work helps repair and build the future.