Pretoria Animals

Aladdin is our Royal, but oh so curious Ball Python. Everyone is his friend and he demands as many little slithery cuddles as he can get.

Spike is our Bearded Dragon with a heart of gold. She loves being stroked and anyone with a crunchy cricket is her best friend!

Chi-chi is our teensy-weensy Tenrec that loves to fall asleep in the palm of your hand. She speaks love elo-QUILL-antly!                                              

We Love Our Animals

Goliath is our super-huge bunny with a super-soft heart that loves to be stroked when you have earned his trust – a carrot always helps with this!

Diva is our exquisite Red Tail Boa that brings calm and serenity to the waiting room. She turns Fear-some to Awe-some!               

Oreo is our guinea pig “wonderfilled” with a whole lot of bubbling personality.

Adam is our energetic, leader of the pack bunny that is fond of a warm bath and a snuggle.