Introducing Toffee Beanz

We are delighted to introduce Toffee, the newest member of the Jelly Beanz family and our precious fur therapist in training. Toffee is a charming and loving golden retriever with a heart of gold and a naturally caring nature. She’s here to carry on the legacy of our beloved Danni, the first Newfoundland fur therapist in South Africa, who left a lasting impact on our children and our hearts.

With her soft, fluffy coat and gentle demeanor, Toffee embodies the essence of a fur therapist, providing comfort, support, and unconditional acceptance to children who have experienced trauma or adversity. Though Toffee may not have the size of Danni, she has a heart as big as South Africa and is ready to make a significant impact on the lives of our children. As she trains to become a fully-fledged fur therapist, Toffee is excited to follow in Danni’s pawprints and continue the compassionate work of helping children heal and grow.

Honouring a Hero – Danni Bear Beanz

Danni Bear Beanz, a beautiful, brown Newfoundland dog was part of the Jelly Beanz team since she entered her human mommy’s life at eight weeks old. For almost a decade Danni comforted (and entertained) children who had experienced trauma and abuse.
She helped children feel loved, understood and protected. She created goofy moments and inspired awe and admiration. Danni was huge physically, weighing in at over 70kgs, but her Danni-ness was even larger than her furry body. She could persuade a stranger to become a friend with just one glance of her soulful eyes. She could give comfort just by lying at your feet. Danni served children with joy and pride.
In December 2021 Danni passed away in her human mommy’s arms.
We know that in heaven Danni has no more pain. She can finally catch up with the moles and hadedas that evaded her on earth and she can nibble on as many snacks as she wants. She is at peace, but we are left with a vast gap in our lives. We miss hearing her breathing, we miss the solidity of her body, we miss touching her fur and looking into her eyes. We miss her reassuring Danni-ness.
Rest gently Dannie Bear. You are no longer with us, but the paw prints you left in the hearts of many, will always remain.

The Value of Dogs in Therapy

The value of dogs in therapy: Often children who have experienced trauma and abuse may feel labeled or different from others, ashamed or undervalued because of their experiences. Animals create opportunities for children to connect and feel valued without anything being expected of them in return. No words are necessary, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have been through, a dog will accept you unconditionally. Children can show love to an animal, or play with it and get positive feedback from the animal. Dogs in particular, as they are so intuitive, can also help therapists understand children better and thus be able to tailor more effective therapeutic plan for the child. Children may also project some of their own feelings or thoughts on to the animal, thereby giving us clues as to how they may be feeling e.g. Danni is feeling very sad today. Danni has become an integral part of the Jelly Beanz family.