Who We Are

Jelly Beanz is an organisation that is passionate about helping children who have experienced abuse and neglect. The two founding members are considered leaders in this field.

Edith Kriel


Edith Kriel is a social worker who has specialized in working with traumatised children for the last 24 years. She developed the Teddy Bear Clinic into a multi-level service, initiated the Child Witness Project in the Western Cape and developed the Healing Project for children that have been sexually abused and co-authored the book ‘Voices of Hope- Healing stories for Africa’s children’. Edith often presents multiple multi-disciplinary workshops on a range of child trauma related topics. She initiated and developed the anatomical doll project in South Africa.

Marita Rademeyer


Marita Rademeyer is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Child Trauma Clinic in Pretoria. She has helped children and their caregivers deal with the effects of child abuse and neglect, rape, violence and crime, HIV/AIDS, cancer, youth awaiting trial and clients with physical and mental disabilities. Her special interest is play therapy with traumatized children.


Vatiswa is a trained lay counsellor and has a special interest and training in play therapy. Vatiswa coordinates our prevention programme and she is the go to lay counsellor in the Dunoon community. She provides counselling to children and families affected by trauma and abuse, as well as providing psychoeducational programmes to pre-school children. Vatiswa is highly respected among the child protection professionals that work in Dunoon and she is often in the front line of managing child protection concerns. Vatiswa speaks multiple African languages and she has high ambitions this year to reach even more children who need therapeutic services in the greater Dunoon area. She also intends to pursue her studies and gain a certificate in working with pre-school children. Vatiswa is a warm and sincere person who goes over and beyond what is expected of her.

Yvette is the well-oiled machine behind the scenes of Jelly Beanz Inc. that keeps the office running. Yvette was Edith’s right hand lady long before Jelly Beanz Inc. was the fully established organisation it is today. Yvette manages all of Jelly Beanz Inc. finances and the office. Yvette is also part of the management team for the anatomical doll project. She is well equipped to manage people and she always ensure a quality service is delivered. Yvette is not only highly efficient at her administrative position but she has a wonderful sense of humour that warmly lightens the serious nature of the work we do at Jelly Beanz Inc. Yvette is always willing to assist and has very good insight into the needs of others.

Alvia is originally from Johannesburg, relocated to Cape Town a few years ago fulfilling her dream of living close to the beach. She has led an interesting life and enjoyed a diverse working career, from swimming instructor/trainer, ocularist (making artificial eyes) and many years in the corporate environment, to now working for Jelly Beanz Inc. Alvia enjoys working with people, and feels truly honoured being part of the Jelly Beanz Inc team making a difference to the hurting little people, and transforming them into whole adults. She is the mother of 3 children, and very proud granny of 3 beautiful granddaughters

Natasha has been working with children since 2006 in various supportive capacities. Natasha is married and has two beautiful girls. She has been working in private practice at the Child Trauma Clinic in Pretoria since 2012 and started volunteering at Jelly Beanz Inc in 2010 and has since been involved on various levels, including volunteer coordination and supervision of the Pretoria outreach team, organisation of fundraisers, organisation of training events, direct therapeutic services through group sessions to vulnerable youth, etc. natasha@jellybeanz.org.za You did not wake up today to be mediocre.

Danni is a Newfoundland dog. This breed of dog is known as gentle giants, they are fluffy, gentle, soft natured and love children. They are used overseas in therapeutic work with children, however, Danni is the first Newfoundland in South Africa being trained as a therapy dog (this breed of dog is rare in South Africa). She weighs approx. 65 kg’s, is chocolate coloured, loves being in water or playing with it, enjoys tummy rubs and doesn’t play fetch with a ball, but prefers playing soccer kicking the ball as she runs. Many of the children refer to her as our bear-dog. As she looks like a baby bear.

Often children that have experienced trauma and abuse may feel labelled or different from others, ashamed or undervalued because of their experiences. Animals create opportunities for children to connect and feel valued without anything being expected of them in return, no words are necessary, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have been through, a dog will accept you unconditionally. Further, children can love or play with the animal, and receive positive feedback from the animal. Dogs in particular, as they are so intuitive, can also help therapists understand children better and thus be able to tailor make a more effective therapeutic plan for the child. Children may also project some of their own feelings or thoughts on to the animal, thereby giving us clues as to how they may be feeling e.g. Danni is feeling very sad today. Danni has become an integral part of the Jelly Beanz family and the work we do for our children.


Phumzile is currently Regional Human Resources Manager for Transnet Port Terminal. She is responsible for overall human resources systems and practices within the Western Region. With 15 years Human resources and business administration experience she has worked in the banking, Tourism and transport industry.

She has qualifications in Marketing, Business Management and Labour Relations, and is currently studying towards her Bpsych. Degree at South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). She has held positions of Chairperson at the Institute of People Management (IPM) for Durban Coastal Branch and Deputy Chairperson of the Board for Durban Youth Radio in KwazuluNatal. She assists Jelly Beanz Inc. in human resources and business administration matters.

Thea Spreeth is an accountant having completed her degree at University of Pretoria in 2004, and her articles in 2010. She has also completed a higher national diploma in education. She has worked both in the United Kingdom and South Africa, completing various temporary and full time accounting positions. She joined the Jelly Beanz Board of Trustees in 2016 as the treasurer, and supports us with her expertise in the financial and accounting sector.

Steven is responsible for the oversight and management of Trustee administration for the Cape region. As Jelly Beanz is a registered trust which is administered by ABSA Bank, having Steven on board offers credibility to the management of our trust and its beneficiaries.